What can SCENAR treat

SCENAR is an electro-bio-controlled device ideal for pain management in various functional and pathological processes.

SCENAR does not treat a particular disease or condition, it stimulates the body’s own healing recourses.

SCENAR therapy can be used as a complementary or mono therapy of the:

  • nervous system (various backbone diseases with secondary disorders of nervous activity, with static and dynamic disorders, backbone deformation; radiculitis, neuritis, disorders of blood cerebral circulation and their consequences, diseases of vegetative nervous system, etc.);
  • osteomuscular system (myositis, arthritis, arthrosis, soft tissue bruises, fractures);
  • respiratory system (tracheitis, bronchitis, acute respiratory diseases (ARD), acute respiratory virus diseases (ARVD), pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchial asthma);
  • cardiovascular system (ischemia (coronary heart disease CHD), hypertensia, hypotonia, various forms of arrhythmia), disorders of extremities vessels (endarteritis, varicose veins, microcirculation disorders, trophic ulcers);
  • digestive system (gastritis, enteritis, colitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis);
    urogenital system (pyelonephritis, cystitis, menstrual cycle disorders, inflammation of ovaries, sterility, gestational toxicosis);
  • dental diseases (parodontosis, periodontitis, pain relief).